Kálvin tér M4 metró állomás metro station

There has been a new update to the electronic ticket application that just made getting on the subway easier in Budapest.

According to BKK (Transport Centre of Budapest), the new development will not require a code to be scanned, reported Index.

The new function comes after customer reviews. Before this, the application provided a code that had to be scanned on the devices placed at the entrance of the subway.

Now, all one has to do is select the purchased ticket or seasonal ticket on the app and click on the option “Metro stations”, then select the name of the station they are getting on the subway at. After this, a symbol will appear on the screen that they have to show to the staff at the entrance. If one has their location on for the app, then the two closest stations will automatically appear.

Passengers can also pick out their favourite stations, which also makes the process quicker and easier.
The new feature can be accessed by updating the app; otherwise, the code-scanning option remains.

Source: https://index.hu/

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