A lot of possibilities are waiting for the people who want to see the Hungarian capital, welovebudapest.com says.

Look closely the famous buildings in Budapest from the top of the bus within the framework, comprehensive sightseeing tour with 22 selectable languages. The guests can choose from several tours in two types of vehicles: one from the hotter months and another for winter.Great view rovided to the Andrássy Road, Heroes Square, Buda Castle, the Citadel and many other places. Each ticket are valid for two days of hiking and the buyers are also entitled to a sightseeing within a boat trip.

You can get insight to the modern life of Hungary with StringBike, a bicycle without chains designed in Hungary. Tourist guides of Chainless Budapest show 4 types of tours: Retrofit (shows the remained attractions of the Communist era), Wandering Jews (guides you to the hidden places of the Jewish community), Golden Age Budapest (emphasizes the monumental buildings) and Recycling Budapest (the stations are on the places which have been changed from the ruins to the hottest spots of Budapest).

imageAccording to welovebudapest.com, Budapest Segways Tours is offering a variety of morning, afternoon and evening tours, and Segway is an ideal tool to get somewhere fast. Before the start, visitors get a 30 minutes training in order to use these modern scooters. The tours last 2-3 hours and cost EUR 65/person.

One of the symbol of the communist era is Trabant. The group of Rent a Trabant offers sightseeing tours from EUR 45/person to visit the attractions and the hidden treasures of Budapest. Routes can be consistent in advance or thematic.

The Evezz velem group provides cayaks and canoes for a sightseeing tour on the Danube. The one-day tour costs HUF 37 thousand for 1-3 persons, which includes the equipment and the guide as well. There is also a two day-long tour, which includes camping equipments and meals too, welovebudapest.com says.

I Like eBike offers tours with electric bicycles. There are three types of tours. Observation tour takes you to the best panoramas of Budapest, Real Budapest shows the history and the beauty of the city, while Romantic tour presents you the most beautfiul attractions. Each tour costs HUF 12500, which includes the bike and the guide too.

Rickshaws are extremely popular in Asia, but now, they have reached Budapest as well. Pedicab takes you from A to B or to a sightseeing tour. Lovely Budapest group offers 3-4 hour-long tours and you can see the attractions of Budapest.
According to welovebudapest.com, Budapest’s only amphibious sightseeing vehicles in a modern technological wonder, it also suitable for ground and water transport. The bus shows the famous buildings of Pest and then it goes to the water and passes through the Danube.

There are many other interesting vehicles, such as Tuk Tuk, which is a three-wheeled Italian Piaggio Ape, or an oldtimer Citroen limousine from 1950, and last, but not least BeerBike partybicyle for people who love drinking.

based on the article of welovebudapest.com
translated by Becsi

Photo: http://riverride.hu/, http://www.segwaytoursbudapest.hu/

Source: http://welovebudapest.com/

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