writes that the 5th Industrialization and Innovation Forum was held in Khartoum last week. It was organised by Sudan’s Ministry of Industry with the cooperation of industrial chambers and the UNIDO. Hungary was represented by Péter Orosz, the network development director of the Hungarian Trade & Cultural Centre (HTCC).

After South Sudan’s detachment in July, 2011 – due to the considerable loss of paraffin backups that meant the biggest income of the federal budget – Sudan soon had to realise that they had to diversify their economy and concentrate on production and modernisation besides the exploitation of remaining natural resources. Moreover, the improvement of competitiveness, the restoration of investors’ trust and the importance of attracting foreign capital were put into focus. These processes taking place in Sudan could signify great opportunities for Hungarian companies as well.

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The two-day long event was opened by President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir, who talked about the importance of innovations, industrialization and offshore investments. Philippe Scholtés, the managing director of UNIDO, was also present at the event along with several Sudanese front-benchers, the regent of the Sudanese Central Bank and the prominent figures of local economic and business life.

The side of the investors was mainly represented by business men and diplomats from the Middle East and Asia, who got to know the most attractive local projects and sectors. The presentations were mostly about the structural build-up of Sudan’s foreign affairs, the products that define Sudan’s export and import, the most important values produced in agriculture and industry, current projects and the potential they hold.

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HTCC business partners’ interests were represented by Péter Orosz at the business and protocol negotiations, who got the chance to present the activity of the Hungarian Trade & Cultural Centre and the African-Hungarian Union (AHU). He had conversations with economic delegations and business men, like the Belorussian Deputy Minister of Industry Korchik Dmitrij Alexandrovich, UNIDO’s managing director Philippe Scholtés and the main advisor of President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir. At the press conference, held at end of the forum, he thanked the invitation and cooperation of the Sudanese Embassy in Budapest and the exemplary work and hospitality of the organisers. He said that the forum was an eye-opener, as he became to realise how Sudan is a country full of potential, and he hopes that this was the beginning of a long and matterful cooperation.


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