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A huge centre for ice sports to be built in Budapest

A huge centre for ice sports to be built in Budapest

Magyar Építők reports that a government decree was issued on the subject of building the National Skating Centre. Project plans can be submitted already, according to the agreement, the establishment is supposed to be finished by 2021.

Following the announcement of Budapest’s first athletics centre, Magyar Építők reports that ice skaters will get a new venue to practice their skills too. A multi-functional sports centre is to be built at Istvánmező, Budapest. The centre – able to host 10,000 people – is to be finished on the Pest side of the capital city by 2021.

At its heart, a 400-metre big roofed ice speed skating track will operate.

A government decree was issued on the matter, according to Lajos Kósa, the president of the Hungarian National Association of Skaters (Magyar Országos Korcsolyázó Szövetség). According to EU public procurement information, tenders were already invited to submit plans for the construction of the sports complex.


In the National Skating Centre (Nemzeti Korcsolyázó Központ) four skating rinks for practice will be built of the dimensions of 60×30 metres. Aside from the rinks, parking lots, bicycle-sheds, and roads connecting to the public road-system will be constructed. About 5 million euros will be given for the project in 2017, which will take years.

Beneficial for the preparation for the Winter Olympics

At the moment it is difficult to host such events as, for example, the world qualification round of the Olympics, taking place between the 28th of September and the 1st of October.

When the ice centre is finished, tasks like this will be much easier to accomplish –

said Mihály Orendi, the manager of the Hungarian National Association of Skaters.

The Hungarian capital city has good chances to host the next Summer Youth Olympic Games

The Hungarian speed skaters have really good prospects regarding medals at the next Winter Olympics at Pyeongchang. The Association wishes to get 8-10 quotas for participants at the event.

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