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Huge innovation in the Budapest Zoo

Huge innovation in the Budapest Zoo

According to, the Budapest Zoo constructs a two-acre building in the area until 2018. The bio dome will be larger than 17 thousand sq m, which is unique in the world.

The total floor of the Pest bio dome will be around two hectares, all levels considered. There will be a three-storey aquarium, and an additional nearly thousand sq m underground, wrote. The new part of the zoo is one of the noisiest, smoggiest areas on the environmental map of Budapest, so there is a big need for huge fortified walls in order to keep the animals “outdoors”.

The government approved HUF 25 billion for the expansion. The planning was done by Mertek Studio Rt. The feasibility study shows that if the plants and the animals move to the new building, there will be a boost of half million in the number of visitors within 6-12 months.

pannon park zoo állatkert2

The roller coaster is planned to remain behind the bio dome. The atmosphere of the amusement park will be revived by “the fairytale boat” and the re-built “cave train” and “the enchanted castle”, wrote.


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