writes that there’s going to be a “walking light painting” in Budapest on the 5th of December, from 7 pm to 7:30 pm. Everyone walking on the quay between Liberty Bridge and Margaret Bridge will be able to follow the symbolic development of Budapest’s heraldic animal.

Budapest and the Budapest City Image Non Profit Kft. brings us a special programme to popularise the capital city. They are organising a grandiose light painting on the walls of downtown buildings as part of the What does Budapest mean to you? campaign launched in October. The campaign wanted to find out what words and associations come to our minds when we think about Budapest.

As the continuation of the inspiring project, the members of the campaign’s artistic partner, the internationally acknowledged LaLuz Visuals took on the challenge to present the most common words with the help of a lion, one of Budapest’s heraldic animals.


The unique light painting and the visual experience will be coordinated from a cruise ship. We’ll be able to witness the path of the 20 metre tall lion on amazing motion pictures. The words sent in by the dwellers will flare up among the pictures of culture-historic significance.

The light painting will be visible from both quays. However, you won’t be able to fully follow the path of the lion on the Buda side due to the distance, but you’ll be able to do so on the Pest side. The lion’s path will lead from the Liberty Bridge to the Margaret Bridge.

The What does Budapest mean to you? campaign will end on the 13th December with an exhibition in the Budapest Project Gallery, concluding the results of the word-collecting.

To make the unique performance happen, adequate weather conditions are needed, so the Follow the Lion! light painting might be postponed in case of bad weather. Follow the event’s Facebook page for occurrent changes.


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