Two-day-long police raid has been carried out in Budapest’s city centre, including the party districts of the Hungarian capital – 6th and 7th districts.

According to the Police, the action aimed to provide public safety and prevent drug-related crimes and arrest those who had been wanted by the police due to violent behaviour in the area concerned.

Within the framework of the police raid, nearly 900 people and 90 cars have been inspected by the authorities.

During the measures, eight people were arrested for harassment, two for drug trafficking, six for drug possession and four for arrest on the basis of an arrest warrant. Three of the drivers were caught for drink-driving, two for driving under a driving disqualification, and three for reporting unauthorised modification of vehicles.

Fourteen foreigners were checked, and two Ukrainian citizens were caught for overstaying. As the Hungarian news portal 24.hu reports, the co-authorities initiated proceedings against eight taxis, three times for failure to issue a receipt, two for technical deficiencies in cars, one for a vehicle in poor technical condition, one for lack of a driver’s license and for driving without a license.

The authorities inspected a total of 93 commercial units, and five cases were opened for violations of public space use rules. A total of EUR 2,160 (~HUF 760,000) in fines was imposed 28 times for the consumption of alcoholic beverages in public areas. 

In the forthcoming period, the authorities will continue their series of criminal and law enforcement actions in the downtown region of the capital at unannounced dates.

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Source: 24.hu

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