The police struck the dealers down in different locations, took six men into custody, conducted ten perquisites and found four marijuana plantations, one in the 13th District of Budapest, one in Tápióság and two in Gyömrő.

The Standby Police National Bureau of Investigation International Crime Department’s Debrecen Division executed a coordinated operation on June 8. The police struck the dealers down in different locations simultaneously. They discovered four cannabis plantations and took six men into custody. In Gyömrő, Ferenc S. (53) and his group grew marijuana in an old, rotting military truck in a yard. The suspects were selling the drug in the capital and Pest county, Police reported.

During the operation, the police liquidated all plantations, seized 198 cannabis plants, 16,751 grams of harvested marijuana and a small amount of suspected drug, presumably cocaine. The black market value of the seized drugs is approximately 62 million forints (EUR 180,000).

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Four men and two women were taken into criminal custody. After the interrogation, the police initiated their arrest.

During the last weeks, the police conducted other successful operations:

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  1. The war against a natural product never ends. Cannabis is a helpful medicinal plant for those in chronic pain. Much better than any opiate if the correct strain is consumed. Big Pharma loves it when a natural remedy is prohibited so they can sell you their toxic chemical cocktails..

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