Hungarian soccer team Zsírkréták (crayons in English), got into the amateur world championship for the second time. They won by beating the Spanish team in the finale.

Huge Hungarian success in Brazil: a soccer team made of Hungarian university students won Neymar’s amateur soccer world championship, reports

Amateur soccer teams from more than 40 countries went to play in Praia Grande, Brazil so that they could prove themselves at Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five in front of the soccer legend himself. In the 2019 season over a hundred thousand players, aged 16-25 participated. Those who won the national games got to compete on July 12 and 13 in Brazil.

The rules of the matches stayed true to those of the ground soccer style that Neymar used to play as a child on the streets of Sao Paolo. The matches of the teams of five last a maximum of 10 minutes, and they do not have a goalkeeper. If a team scores a goal, the other team loses a member.

The Hungarian Zsírkréták were there in the finale; they proved to be the best in Hungary once again, as they did last year, and got to represent Hungary in the Brazilian soccer star’s home again.

hungarians play soccer with neymar jr

The team, which is made up mostly of university students, gave their all in matches throughout the tournament all the way to the finale, where they got to play against the Spanish.

Team captain, Gábor Fábián said that a well-timed slap in the face helped them, and with a very organised play they managed to win the world championship.

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