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Today, approximately 36,000 people are involved in human trafficking in Hungary, reports. Most of them are young women living in very poor conditions, usually in foster homes or orphanages. Forced prostitution is a serious problem in Hungary, up to this day.

Besides forced prostitution, human trafficking can also mean labour exploitation or domestic slavery. Victims are always exploited in some way or another, often involving violence or deception.

According to recent statistics by the Global Slavery Index, today, 36,000 people are involved in human trafficking in Hungary, and 40,000,000 people worldwide.

Of course, these numbers do not reflect the real number of people being exploited, since a great number of cases are never revealed to the authorities and remain unknown.

With 36,000 people, Hungary has the third highest number within the European Union, exceeded only by Bulgaria and Romania. In other words, Hungary is the third most dangerous European country in terms of human trafficking.

The Hungarian Baptist Aid has been running a special program for 14 years, aiming to protect women who have been forced into prostitution or sex slavery. They are providing shelters for them where they are practically hiding victims who have escaped from their exploiters. These women live in fear that their exploiters might find them again.

The Hungarian Baptist Aid currently operates three such shelters located in different parts of the country.

In these shelters, social workers and psychologists are constantly helping the women process the horrible things that happened to them and deal with what they had to suffer through. Victims usually spend 1.5-2 years living in these shelters before they rejoin society and live on their own.

Council of Europe: Hungary falls short in identifying victims of human trafficking


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