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Hundreds of thousands of people’s payments late

Hundreds of thousands of people’s payments late

According to the State Treasury, there is no delay, because according to the law, money has to be sent until the 10th of the month. Still, the transfer is not initiated by them anyway, but by the employing institutes that got the data necessary to the transfer from the State Treasury. They think the delay is because of the institutions’ lack of coverage, wrote.

At the moment, hundreds of thousands of people’s payments are late nationwide. The reason is that the Hungarian State Treasury switched from KIR3 payroll system to KIRA between November 6 and 15, and the national transition does not go smoothly.

According to the information provided by, it was clear that the system will not work properly.  This is a huge problem, since 900 thousand people get their payments through KIRA. Policemen, teachers, doctors, nurses and many others get their salaries haltingly.

Several hospitals’ employees received their October payments a month later. The several-week delay is a serious problem, tens of thousands of people will be delayed with paying their bills, and the late fees are not calculated to their salary.


By law, payments have to arrive by the 10th of each month. However, many places send it on th 2nd, in their case even a few-day delay can upset the planned pace of the month, wrote.

According to unconfirmed information, there will be several thousands of people who will not get their whole December payments in early January, because the system will payroll only until December 25. The missing one week will be put to the salary in February.

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  1. Melody Smith

    We have more bureaucrats than ever yet things don’t get done. Each bureaucrat has a certain amount of time to get things done and pass it on to the next person, who also takes their time and so on. These bureaucrats don’t even bother to type people’s names and other information correctly, causing further delays. All these jobs have been handed out like plums yet incompetence and procedural confusion is the norm. . Let’s fire those who don’t meet high expectations. Then there will be PUBLIC SERVANTS who SERVE the PUBLIC.

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