Budapest (MTI) – Hundreds of people marched from Budapest’s leafy City Park to Kossuth Square in front of parliament in the pouring rain on Saturday afternoon to demonstrate against the Liget Budapest Project.

The protesters have collected 20,000 signatures in recent months in protest against the planned museum quarter.

“These 20,000 people are asking for the maintenance and renovation of the City Park, but no new buildings. This project is a crazy idea,” local councillor Laszlo Varnai said on behalf of the organiser Civilzuglo Association.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Yes, even here in the UK open spaces are forbidden ; the building mania creates even larger warrens. Little financial profit in open city spaces. Its great to see that numerous people actually realize the value of open, public parks to enhance their lives. Even if other people are not conscious of its therapeutic value.
    Just hope it’s not a done deal and that their petition is successful.

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