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Photo: Daily News Hungary – Alpár Kató

The presents an interview with Ambassador of Hungary to Azerbaijan, Imre Laslotski.

– What goals do you set as an ambassador of Hungary to our country?
– First of all, Hungary and Azerbaijan have close political ties. Our leaders have reliable friendship. We both have strong leaders. Our Prime Minister has become more popular in the world, and your president is known worldwide. Good political relations, of course, are also reflected in other areas of bilateral cooperation.
Coming to trade and economic relations, the Azerbaijani side, and we believe that this area has great potential. We have great opportunities, and hence, my goal as ambassador is to strengthen our trade and economic ties. Now we only need to work to ensure that our enterprises and companies find some contact points, which would be beneficial for our peoples.
The last year, the level of turnover amounted to 79 million USD, this year it will be a bit higher, but my goal is to make it reach at least 100 million USD.

– In what areas do you think it is possible to deepen relations?
– There are several areas. First of all, I would say the information and communication field. In this area, Hungary, despite its small size, can offer something worthwhile. Working in this field, Hungarian companies are very innovative, creative, and keep up with the US, Russia, India, etc. Hungarian people are also very talented. We have 12 Nobel Prize winners, which is a great indicator for Hungary…

The rest of the interview can be read HERE.


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