Rio de Janeiro, 2016. augusztus 7. Az olimpiai bajnok Hosszú Katinka aranyérmét mutatja a 2016-os riói nyári olimpia 400 méteres vegyesúszás versenyszámának eredményhirdetése utáni sajtótájékoztatón a Rio de Janeiró-i Olimpiai Uszodában 2016. augusztus 6-án. Hosszú Katinka világcsúccsal lett elsõ. MTI Fotó: Kovács Tamás

Budapest, August 8 (MTI) – Hungary’s anti-doping group MACS dismissed suspicions of doping after Hungary’s Katinka Hosszú smashed the world record in the women’s 400m medley on Saturday, claiming her first Olympic gold medal.

Hosszú lowered the world record with an astonishing 4:26.36 in Rio, beating the previous record that was set in 2012 by China’s Ye Shiwen by more than two seconds.


The ease with which Hosszu blitzed the field will surely raise questions. Last year, Hosszu feuded with Hungarian officials over her whereabouts and availability for out-of-competition drug tests. Hosszu is known as “The Iron Lady” in Hungary, where she is quite popular and powerful. – Sports Illustrated (USA)

Ágnes Tiszeker, head of MACS, told the press service of the 2017 World Aquatic Championships on Monday that Hosszú had been tested for illegal substances 39 times over the past 13 months. She spoke in response to questions raised in the US press over Hosszu’s results, and whether her performance had been clean, free of illegal drug use.

It is astonishing and sad to see that the trend in world sports today is an increasing number of doping cases, bans and suspensions on the one hand, and unjustified accusations on the other, Tiszeker was quoted as saying to the media service.

Hosszú Katinka and her husband and trainer Shane Tusup. MTI Photo: Tamás Kovács
Hosszú Katinka and her husband and trainer Shane Tusup. MTI Photo: Tamás Kovács

The tests completed by Hosszú included 29 urine tests and nine blood tests. Hosszu also took part in an on-site drug test on one occasion. On top of this, she had been checked by the international FINA and the International Olympic Committee NOB several times, Tiszeker added in her statement.

Tamás Gyarfás, the president of the Hungarian Swimming Association (MUSZ), said in a statement on Monday that the accusations by the US press are unfounded as all of Hosszú’s tests had been negative for doping.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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  1. Tibor Varga from Baja Hungary i know Hosszu Pista and Kovacs Jozsef basketball legends and Hungary drug history didn’t existed like in the us or Russia im in the us 31 years now more athletes here amstrong like so i hope everybody else will be tested as Katinka

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