The Budapest parking crisis never seems to end. Luckily, a new Hungarian app called Parkl aims to aid helpless drivers who are desperately looking for free spots in the capital. The application makes it possible to park even in the more hidden parking spaces downtown, reports.

How does it work?

The Parkl application enables drivers to use the parking spaces of hotels or office building where normally they would not be allowed to park. With an application like this, drivers wandering around desperate for a free space could potentially save hours of their lives.

Hungarian application gains international success

While there are always dozens of people wandering around looking for free parking spots, there are many unused parking spaces in the city belonging to different institutions, hotels, etc. These places are available to use only for a small group of people, thus many parking spaces are left unused. Parkl aims to do something about this.


The application is free to download, and it focuses on the downtown of Budapest where finding a free parking space seems to be the most challenging task. It uses its built-in map to show available spots found in the garages of hotels or office buildings. The app lets you in and the cash-free payment is also done through the app when you finished using the parking space. You pay according to how many minutes you have spent parking. It is important to mention that the app is still under development.

Zsolt Somogyi, one of the founders of Parkl said:

“90% of drivers have trouble with finding a parking space in downtown Budapest. We would like to change this. We aim to stop this horrible feeling that comes with the stressful search for a parking spot.”

The app would potentially reduce the time drivers spend with looking for free parking spots, thus reducing air pollution in the city in the long run. People would spend half the amount of time searching for parking, thus reducing the amount of gas they use and also the amount of exhaust gas.

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  1. Oh, looking at your mobile for a parking spot while driving. that will lead to more car accidents

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