Tokaji aszú wine

Have you always been interested in wine-making but you never had the time to actually learn the ins and outs of the business? Pour yourself a glass of wine, try to relax and watch these really interesting YouTube videos about the Hungarian wine regions, famous grape varieties.

Rocks + fungus = great wine?

Watch how one of the most popular white wine aszú is made from the special grape variety called furmint. What is the difference between dry wines and sweet wines? Why are sweet wines more drinkable? Watch and learn from the best, István Szepsy, who has been in the business for many decades running the Szepsy Winery.

The king of wines

Everybody knows about the world-famous Hungarian wine: Tokaji Aszú, but do you know what makes this variety so special? Learn more about the wine of kings, Tokaji Aszú, which was the most expensive wine in the world in the 1800’s. Expert László Mészáros from Disznókő Winery tells everything there is to know about Tokaji Aszú.

There is another informative video on Aszú as well, which is also worth checking out. This video focuses on what the wine is made of: the berries. A little etymology as well: aszú actually means “dry” in Hungarian. Aszú berries are basically special dried grape berries.

Andrássy Residency in The Tokaj Wine Region

If you are planning not only to try a bottle of Tokaji Aszú, but to actually visit the region where it is made, this video might be the last push you need to make that reservation. You do not necessarily have to book a room in this particular hotel, but the video is really good at channelling the vibe and atmosphere you can expect in this region of Hungary. The wine bars, the restaurants, the hotels… might be an amazing trip for a couple wanting to spend a romantic weekend drinking good wines and eating good food.

Foreigners try Hungarian wines

A couple of wine enthusiasts try famous Hungarian wines. See what they have to tell about the wines’ colour, smell and taste. They also give their overall impressions. Even though they are not professional wine experts, their reviews are useful to find out which variety of Hungarian wine you should try if you have never tried any before.

How well do you know your daily glass of Hungarian wine?

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Source: YouTube; Daily News Hungary

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