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Most youngsters go for the cheaper but less tasty wines, while the elderly decide mainly based on flavour. However, as Pé discovered, festivals can bring quality wine closer to the younger generation.

A glass of wine every day is the secret recipe of long-lasting health, according to doctors but, in fact, it does matter what kind of wine one consumes. Many Hungarian youngsters consume lower quality wines not only due to financial reasons but also because they do not know the different types of wines.

Wineries are indeed aware of the fact that they need to improve their strategies to reach Hungarian youngsters and change this trend of cheap wine consumption. Festivals, such as the upcoming Budapest Wine Festival, are a great chance to introduce quality wines and Hungarian wine regions to the younger generation, too.

Hungary has 22 wine regions, the most well-known of which are the Balaton-Highland, Eger, Szekszárd and Tokaj regions.

According to a recent study, young Hungarians only know 6-8 out of the 22 wine regions.

The results of a representative study have shown that the older Hungarians get, the more they consume and spend on wine. It is somewhat unexpected that there is no apparent difference between those with lower and higher incomes in terms of wine consumption.

A quarter of the wine is consumed in the form of ‘fröccs’, a Hungarian speciality that is a mix of sparkling water and wine, leading to a refreshing beverage.


The Budapest Wine Festival is the perfect place to get to know the different types of wines and Hungarian wine regions. 30 pc of the visitors are from the countryside, with the same amount of foreigners, while 40 pc is from Budapest.

Therefore, the Budapest Wine Festival is an internationally acknowledged and country-wide wine holiday, and also a meeting point for wine-lovers and wineries.

Balaton „NOW” is in the focus of this year’s festival, inspiring visitors to celebrate the ‘Hungarian sea’ not only in the summer but also throughout the entire year. Visitors can come to know local gastronomy, wineries of Balaton and the culture.

It is not only Hungarians that believe Hungarian wine is of outstanding quality: Hungarian sparkling wines won over the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships, with our wines enlisted at Muscats du Monde 2018.

Source: Pé

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