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As Dívá reports, Hungarian sparkling wines won over the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships, with our wines enlisted at Muscats du Monde 2018, according to Szeretlekmagyarorszá

How delicate are Hungarian sparkling wines?

It is not only us, Hungarians who love our country’s wine and sparkling wine: the alcoholic drinks are winning over competitions Europe- and world-wide. Wine is so much appreciated by Hungarians, that we have already organized events such as the Wine Marathon, or Europe’s first Wine Cinema. However, now our sparkling wines and wines were present at The Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships (CSWWC), which is one of the world’s most prestigious contests. Fun fact: a Hungarian jury member, György Márkus was also represented this year.

Each of the nominated sparkling wines are anonimously tested within the 10 day competition based on relevant categories, such as origin and style. This year, there has been 116 golden and 128 silver medals given to outstanding wines and sparkling wines.

As the Kreinbacher Estate from Somló reports, Hungarian sparkling wines proved to be exceptional and frist-rate, especially compared to Central-European countries.

This year, Hungary is in the 18 best countries who received medals – both Prestige Brut 2013 Magnum and Brut Classic 2015 Magnum of the Kreinbacher Estate have won a silver medal.

The traditionally prepared Furmint and Chardonnay sparkling wines have attained the best results since Hungary’s debut in 2016 as medal-winners at the competition. Hungarian sparkling wines were much appreciated at Chardonnay du Monde in 2016 as well.

Hungarian winery also winning at Muscats du Monde

Hungarian Holdvölgy winery also performed greatly at the French world wine contest Muscats du Monde. At the tournament, various types of wines were represented, including dry, sweet, sparkling; white, rozé and red muscats.

Exaltation, Holdvölgy’s tokaji sweet yellow muscat from 2014 has been chosen the second best at the competition where 212 wines were represented from 23 countries.

This award has been the fourth time that Holdvölgy winery has been rewarded for one of its wines, each of which has been a sweet tokaj yellow muscat produced ecologically in Mád. It is definitely worth trying and taking a look at – besides our top 5 favorite cellars to visit!

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Source: Dívá, Szeretlekmagyarorszá

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