Photo: Facebook reports that the traditionally made champagnes of the Törley group achieved great success at the Chardonnay du Monde. The 23rd international competition was held on March 8-11, in France. The jury of experts evaluated the wines and champagnes made of Chardonnay grapes, of 39 countries.

782 samples were sent to the juries, who gave out 259 – 63 gold, 196 silver – medals. The Törley Sparkling Wine Cellar won two silver medals. The 2012 Törley Chardonnay Nyerspezsgő Brut Nature and the 2012 Törley Chardonnay Brut were chosen worthy of silver medals. Of all the Hungarian products that entered the competition 4 won silvers.

The Törley Chardonnay Nyerspezsgő Brut Nature was made in the best locations possible for a champagne, writes boraszportal. The grapes were healthy and optimally ripe. To make a long-ripened, elegant champagne it is important to keep the fresh acidity of the grapes in the moment of harvest, but they should not be overripe.

In the scent of the Brut Nature the characteristic apple aroma, the yeasty and toasty features of a Chardonnay can be felt. The taste is fresh and ripe at the same time, thanks to the lively acidity and the many years of ripening. The tiny bubbles easily melt in the mouth. Perfect as an aperitif and great partner of grilled, not too fatty fishes. Also, serves as an irreplaceable company for caviars.

The Törley Chardonnay Brut was made 100% of Chardonnay grapes, which were collected from the best lands of the Etyek-Buda wine country. The long ripening is felt in the finesse scent among the pure and ripe fruitiness of the Chardonnay grapes. The endless flowing of the tiny bubbles make the champagne especially elegant.

The fresh acidity of the Chardonnay Brut is in perfect harmony with the slight amount of sugar that was added to it in the making. The champagne tastes juicy, refined and bubbly, completed with a middle length light, yeasty aftertaste.

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