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Summer is still not over, and the weather is expected to stay the same throughout the beginning of autumn, so the conditions are still ideal to visit Lake Balaton. collected the most amazing wines from the Balaton wine region which will delight every wine lover.

The Hungarian sea is the favourite holiday spot of Hungarians and tourists alike, but do you know that the region is also the place where amazing wines come from? It is always a good idea to skip the beach for a day and visit the best wineries of the region and taste their best wines. collected the best wines from the Balaton wine region, and they claim that these wines are so good that it would be a waste to make fröccs out of them!

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Sabar Wine House – Olaszrizling Hegybor 2016


The Olaszrizling [Welschriesling] Hegybor [hill wine] is characterised by citrus fruits, white flower and almond on the nose with a hint of minerals. It is an elegant, well-balanced and rich wine with lively acidity and complex structure, which is the result of ageing in premium oak barrels. The grape is from Csobánc hill, which is aged for 8 months in 500 litre, lightly toasted barrels (Stockinger and Trust).

Káli Kövek Winery – Frizzante 2017

káli kövek winery

The Frizzante 2017, as the name might suggest, is a light sparkling wine made by mixing two grape varieties: Chardonnay and Juhfark. It has quite a reserved scent and a dominant fruity-herbal flavour, but with a hint of citrusy sourness. It does not have as much alcohol as other wines. Femina recommends having fresh cheese and summer fruits with this particular wine.

Dobosi Winery – Balaton Bor Bio Olaszrizling 2017

Dobosi Winery

The Dobosi Winery is a family business in the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region that was established in the 1700’s. The family currently cultivates 24 hectares, mainly in the Nivegy valley wine region and 1.5 hectares in Balatonfüred. The Balaton Bor is 100% premium quality Welschriesling with a gentle scent. It has a citrusy flavour with a hint of apple and spices. This wine can be the perfect choice with a traditional Balaton lángos.

Balázs Káli’s Orange Wine

Balázs Káli’s orange wine is a real speciality. The pinot gris grape variety has a reddish skin which gives a nice orange colour to the wine, hence the name. The orange wine has a really exciting and rich flavour with touches of mandarin/tangerine, citrus and herbals with a hint of spice.

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Kislaki – Jánoshegy Riesling 2016

Kislaki Wine

This wine is Rajna riesling from János-hill, which is one of the best areas of the wine region. Femina calls this a serious and complex wine that requires a more filling dish to accompany. Ripe fruits and citrus characterise its flavour.

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