According to, beauty queen Tímea Gelencsér, who won the Miss World Hungary title in 2016, arrived in Ghana. Her mission is supported by the Hungarian Trade & Cultural Centre (HTCC).

She was welcomed at the airport by Miss and Mr Ghana.


The beauty queen’s dream came true when she got the chance to go horseback riding at the seacoast in Ada.

She said that she always feels sorry for kids signalling that they’re hungry with their hands, so she usually gives them some change.

She was very touched after visiting an orphanage, where she also had the opportunity to distributed the gifts of HTCC.


A huge explosion happened recently in the capital city of Ghana, a bunker and a petrol station burst where six people died. Many people believe that the reason behind the explosion was that locals wanted to grill near the petrol station. The beauty queen was shocked by the tragic event, but she still wanted to continue her humanitarian mission.

A similar tragedy happened in June 2015, when 150 people died in Accra in a fire. A petrol station got on fire in the worst possible moment: hundreds of people were running there to hide from the pouring rain and the flood that followed. The petrol leaked to the surface of the water and blew up the petrol station with the cars and full of people.

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