Beer manufacturing in Hungary increased by 11% since last year, which equals to an approximate 673 litres – 70 litres to one Hungarian citizen. On the throne of beer, Germany remains, but there are countries where no alcohol was manufactured at all in the previous years.

Pénzcentrum reported that last year, 39 billion litres of alcoholic beer was made in the European Union – 76 litres to one European citizen. 21% of these beers were made by German hands – 8.3 billion litres; 4.5 billion litres by the United Kingdom and 4 billion by Poland.

In Hungary, 673,237,000 litres of beer were manufactured, so the country took 12th place in the ranking of manufacturers in the European Union. The statistics also emphasise that the second most prominent and most intense increase in beer manufacturing happened in Hungary.

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Furthermore, there has been a rapid increase in the consumption and purchasing of premium and super-premium beers in the country. Hungarians bought and drank other types of regular beers less when the weather in the country started to get cold but stick with the premium alcoholic beers. Statistics also reported that the Hungarian beer culture is on its right way to reach the standards of the European Union.

Moreover, Hungarian people buy more beers with less alcohol and focus on quality and not quantity.

At the end of the list, Malta, Cyprus, and Luxemburg stand with no manufactured beer at all. Only Romania, the Czech Republic, and Austria were better than Hungary with more beer.

Hungarian beer among the best three in Europe

At the most significant and famous beer competition, called Brussels Beer Challenge, the Hungarian Kőszegi Beer’s product (Kőszeg is a town located in Vas County) became the third best beer in Europe and the first Hungarian beer to achieve this unique title.


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