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The incident happened at the Hungarian-Croatian border crossing on Saturday night. Border guards wrestled one of the bus’s Czech drivers and handcuffed him. Details below.

According to, the Czech bus was returning from a trip with Czech tourists on board, and they wanted to cross the Croatian-Hungarian border. The destination of the journey was Liberec, and there were 50 people on the bus.

A tour guide of the T Split Tour, a Czech travel agency, said that the Croatian border guard asked the adults to leave the bus. However, then came her Hungarian colleague who stated that nobody could remain on the bus, so

even children had to leave it for an unexplained reason.

Afterwards, the driver opened the luggage compartment, but then a Croatian woman border guard came who wanted to see the luggage as well.

Kateřina Macourková added that the driver spoke with her and wanted to take a photo of the border guards’ identification number. He did so, but the moment he wanted to check his photo, a Hungarian female border guard grabbed his hand. He suddenly pulled his hand away

but, as a result, the woman fell.

That is when all the border guards threw themselves on him and handcuffed him. You can watch the video about the incident in the article of The driver had to remain there, but the bus could continue its trip the next day at 3 pm. He is now in Budapest at the public prosecutor’s office.

According to the ambassador of the Czech Republic to Hungary, the Hungarian police is now investigating the issue. Juraj Varga added that they interrogated the witnesses, after which they wrote a protocol, but he could not reveal anything more last Sunday when asked him.




  1. If the account above is correct in that the driver had taken a photo of the Croation Border Guards identification number (which he was legally entitled to do), then it was none of the Hungarian Border Guards business. By grabbing his hand she effectively assaulted him and she should face disciplinary action.

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