immigration-police writes that it seems that policemen serving along the southern border don’t get suitable clothes to do their job, because the border guards are complaining about freezing during their service. Civilians need to interfere, because the police doesn’t provide blankets and enough food.

A Facebook page called Zsaruellátó (Police provider) is collecting for the policemen serving along the southern border of the country, because they are not supplied sufficiently.

The civil organisation collects vitamins, medicine against common cold, food, coffee, sugar, band aids, hand sanitizers etc. for the otherwise state financed border guards serving the state.

In the call they ask for thermo-clothes and blankets from givers as well, because, according to the letter shared on Facebook by a border guard, “the police can’t provide blankets” and lighting a fire is prohibited for the guards serving 12-16 hours.

For that matter, border guards are still actively recruited all over the country.

Photo: MTI

Copy editor: bm


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  1. @MOL Hungarian OIL & GAS, @OTP Bank, @Mercedes, @AUDI, @ZF, @GE, @SUZUKI

    WTF?! This story is starting to become sick to listen too. You big bunch of businesses, all boast to be some of the largest companies in Hungary and you watch and wait while some old retired ladies, living off of nothing, knit blankets, provide warmth, etc. to our border guards that defend the security of your businesses and hope that they will do the job.
    How about getting off your A$$E$ and make a ‘product’ donation to ensure our guards can do their job to serve YOU at their best! I’m sure you can lobby the government for tax relief. But if your man enough, you won’t wait for that alone and show the country that you really appreciate the benefits of a not yet overrun territory like some places not too far.

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