Gabko Chilli won two golden medals in two categories at The World Hot Pepper Awards organized for the tenth time this year, reported. 

Gábor Nagy, the producer of the peppers which the chilli sauce is made of, lives in Nagymaros. He told that the reason he nominated the pepper sauce in both categories – Pepper Specific and Pepper Based – was that he could not decide which category would suit the peppers better. He added that he was greatly surprised when his jalapeno tequila lime hot sauce won the first place in both categories.

The winner chilli sauce

According to, the sauce is made in a Hungarian way, from soured jalapeno, garlic, lime and tequila. Gábor’s sauce has been popular in Hungarian Mexican restaurants, but now, with its special taste, it was appealing for the American jury, too. Gábor was not the first Hungarian to receive a medal. Last year, László Diczkó’s Spirit of Attila won.

The main component of the peppers is the capsaicin. The ratio of this material in today’s peppers is slightly higher than in tear-gas. Still, they can preserve their perfect aroma.

Home-grown peppers

As wrote, there are many families and retailers in Hungary cultivating pepper, including Gábor. He showed his pepper garden to There are ten kinds of trees in his small, 400-square meter, south-orientated garden. Pepper does not like clayey soil, however, this kind of soil can store water quite well, and pepper is a highly water demanding plant, told.

Range of products

By the way, Hungarian pepper is world-famous, and it is frequently used in traditional Hungarian dishes. We congratulate Gábor on his results, and hope that the next medal will also go to a Hungarian.


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