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We are reaching the end of September, and the weather finally started to correspond to the season. It is still sunny during the day but gets rather chilly in the morning and the evening. We have just the perfect recipes to make at the end of a long, brisk autumn day.

I am a sucker for soups all year round, but the cold weather definitely has me craving even more. There are light soups which are better for the summertime, and there are those rich, heavier soups that warm our souls up during those cold autumn and winter evenings. I usually eat these soups as a main course, as you will not stay hungry after a generous serving.

Újházi chicken soup

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Újházi chicken soup is not only one of the most famous Hungarian soups, but it is also an elemental part of traditional Hungarian weddings. This is basically a warm hug in a bowl. This is to Hungarians what ramen is to the Japanese. This soup is not the quickest to make, but it is full of rich flavours. According to, the soup was named after Ede Újházi, a popular Hungarian actor. He was a regular at what is now known as Gundel Restaurant, and he often shared his ideas with the chefs and liked to give instructions to them. This is how the famous chicken soup was created, which was eventually named after the actor who helped create it. For a great recipe, click here.


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Goulash is probably the most famous Hungarian dish all around the world. Tourists frequently ask for it while staying in our country, but honestly, it is not that difficult to make at home. Goulash became famous during the Age of Reform, and it originates from the Great Hungarian Plain, though it has many variations. The main incentive behind the dish was to make filling meals for the men because it had to energise them doing hard physical work. It is definitely not a light soup. I would not recommend it for people on strict diets. However, it is the ultimate Hungarian comfort food when it comes to soups. For a great recipe, click here.

Cold weather = stews! Stews are the easiest to make in no time and with very few ingredients, but they provide hot, fulfilling meals.

Potato paprikash


The original paprikás krumpli is an unmissable dish during this time of the year. It is delicious, cheap, and incredibly easy to make; all you need to do is peel and chop some veggies, then stir everything in a pot. Not to mention that it is a phenomenal culinary experience for all those who would like to have a hearty Hungarian feast, including the most characteristic ingredients like the Hungarian paprika. For a great recipe, click here.

Lentil stew

lentil stew
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Hungarians usually eat lentil stew at the end of the Old Year and at the beginning of the New Year. It is a common practice in Hungary to make the following year more successful. This meal is the symbol of promotion, success, and desired financial prosperity in the New Year. The power of the lentil stew can be explained by the small-size lentils that symbolise money and wealth; therefore, the more you eat from it, the more prosperous your next year is likely to be. Apart from this ancient belief, this dish is also very healthy and super easy to prepare. For a great recipe, click here.

Source: Daily NewsHungary

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  1. My childhood was csirkehúsleves every Wednesday, I least I thought we did,, but not the chicken, potato, celery and carrots until Thursday. The first day was the broth, many noodles, and bread. I think that ruined my taste for chicken soup. I do not dislike it, but I have never cooked it in 60 years. But all your recipes bring back my childhood. A di do cook my family recipes often.

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