Kurly Kurtosh chimney cake
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Nicole Shaw-Provillon recently opened her boutique dessert catering business in Northern New Jersey. She makes authentic Hungarian chimney cakes that sweep locals off their feet.

The taste of Hungary’s chimney cakes arrived to New Jersey, abc7 reports. Nicole Shaw-Provillon moved to Budapest in 2013. Here, she discovered the beloved street food chimney cake, and it was love at first sight.

Nicole loved Hungarian culture and chimney cakes so much that she decided to study the traditional methods of baking chimney cake. After she moved back to the United States, she created her own business called Kurly Kürtősh, which is a boutique dessert catering business.

The name comes from the Hungarian word kürtőskalács: kürtős (of chimney stack) and‎ kalács (cake).

She has been truly dedicated to this art form. She even had the honour of baking for the Hungarian embassy in Washington, D.C.

She is catering for all sorts of events where they actually make the cakes on site so that people can see the whole process and learn the authentic ways of making this delicious street food. Kurly Kurtosh caters to private, corporate, or pop-up events throughout New Jersey.

Nicole said:

“When I was in Hungary, I tried figuring out why this wasn’t all over the United States. So, what I learned was that it is massively labour intensive, which really goes against the culture of things in the U.S. typically. So, I said, how can I bring this so people can actually enjoy it, and it can actually become a sustainable business. That’s when I said let’s get into catering … We go out to events, we do them on site, so people get fascinated learning about the street food and eating something that is authentic and high quality.”

She is using good quality internationally sourced ingredients. She orders flour from Europe, butter from France, and cinnamon from Sri Lanka. Her chimney cakes are truly authentic, baked in small batches and topped with cinnamon, raspberry, or Oreo (to make it somewhat Americanised).  

The core values of her business are spreading happiness and bringing a smile to people’s faces through her chimney cakes.

Check out Kurly Kürtősh’s Instagram fro mouthwatering pics.


Source: https://abc7chicago.com/

  1. Thank you very much Nicole for spreading the fantastic flavor of this typical sweet among American palates.
    Exquisite taste with many varieties!
    Keep it up very successful!

  2. Make you feel good and proud story – Beautiful.
    We need them, in these Challenging times.
    Hungary has much to export to the globe, and we should never lose that vision and determination of exporting and promoting our gifts and talents.
    We have to want to make it happen.
    Quote of Nelson Mandel is fitting :
    ” It’s impossible until it’s done”.
    Stay Well – ALL.

  3. Best kurtoskalacs i had was in Braśov, Romania. Obviously, made by a Hungarian.
    Not to recommend as a daily staple for a healthy diet, but once in a while…

  4. With an adult obesity rate if 25.7% this is just what New Jersey needs….

  5. Coming from Hungarian descent and having had kurtoskalacs over the years while visiting Hungary (it was a favorite past time of my mom and I when I would visit her in Hungary), I love these chimney cakes! I haven’t tried it with the ice cream yet, but that’s next on my list.
    The love that Nicole puts into each and every one of her chimney cakes shows. All you need to do is taste one to see.
    I’m so happy Nicole decided to share this delicious part of Hungary.

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