Two pralines of the Sweetic Chocolate Manufactory were awarded at the Great Taste Awards in London. Their Five Spices Praline received this year’s highest award, and their Mango-Passion Fruit-Coconut Praline was also awarded, reports.

Five Spiced Praline – Photo:

The Great Taste is deemed one of the biggest, and definitely the strictest international culinary contest. A jury comprised of food critics, writers, and chefs of Michelin starred restaurants blind-taste over 10,000 entries to decide the winners. The entries can receive 1, 2, or 3 star ratings. This year, there were no 3 star ratings awarded, and only 11 entries received 2 stars, one of which is the Sweetic Five Spiced Praline.

“A very crisp shell, excellent chocolate, smooth ganache, deeply flavoursome with spice and fragrance.  A delicious combination well judged and well balanced. The ganache was very smooth and rich. The flavours meld well with nothing dominating but everything playing its part,” published the jury’s assessment on their website.

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The other awarded chocolate was the Mango-Passion Fruit-Coconut Praline, which received 1 star.

Mango-Passion Fruit-Coconut Praline – Photo:

“Stunning appearance: well-tempered, good quality chocolate. Good balance of fresh fruit and gentle coconut. A beautifully tempered shell with a stunning glossiness, appealing crack and deep flavour. All three flavours – mango, passion fruit and coconut come through and are perfectly balanced,” the judges concluded.

The Sweetic Chocolate Manufactory was established 3 years ago, and it has already received five prestigious international awards. Besides this year’s achievements at the Great Taste Awards, the company also took home two awards at the competition in 2015, and they won at the International Chocolate Awards last year with their matcha-yuzu-ginger praline, as well.


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