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The Telegraph has recently collected Europe’s 14 best historic cafés that we should all visit before we die, and we are happy to report that the patinated Gerbeaud Café made it onto the list. It is mentioned among such illustrious cafés as Caffé Florian at Saint Mark’s Square, Café de la Paix in Paris and Café Central in Vienna.

“One of the biggest traditional cafés in a city known for being home, at one point, to around 500 of them. Dating back to 1858, it is famous for its cakes and sweet pastries. Emil Gerbeaud, a Swiss confectioner, devised creations including ‘konyakos meggy’, made from sour cherry, matured in cognac and covered with dark chocolate, and ‘zserbó szelet’, layers of cake, jam and ground walnuts, topped with a chocolate glaze, to serve to punter” writes The Telegraph.

Besides the two desserts mentioned in the article, Gerbeaud’s selection includes specialties like the Dobos Cake and the Eszterházy Cake and culinary experiences like the orange-caramel, the royal chocolate or the light basil-lemon.


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The story of the confectionery is a bit fairytale-like. When Emil Gerbeaud moved to Budapest in 1884, he was blown away by the shop found on Gizella Square (now Vörösmarty Square) and bought is from Henrik Kugler. He won a gold medal with his products at the World Exhibition of 1898 and 1900 thus getting acknowledged on behalf of the Hungarian confectionery industry.

The confectionery uses the best ingredients and offers unforgettable culinary experiences to its visitors. Their homemade ice cream cups, pastries and all desserts enchant you and make everyone return who once tried them. The imposing building evokes the middle of the 1800s, not only with its exterior, but also with its interior design.


Found at Vörösmarty Square, in the heart of the city, the confectionery is proud to be listed as one of Europe’s oldest, greatest and most famous confectioneries and cafés. You can read more about the Gerbeaud legend here, or visit the confectionery’s website for further details.

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