Enbrite.ly, a Budapest based company that reveals hidden frauds in advertising, won the 500,000 euros (roughly HUF 150 million) cash prize for the best startup company at Slush 2014. Now it has been commissioned by three international companies for a total amount of HUF 225 million, hvg.hu reported.

The Hungarian startup, which claims to have a 98% accuracy rate in “finding humans on the internet” for the purposes of online advertising, was commissioned by SpeedInvest, Enbritely, and Evli Bank. It can show the companies what they really spend their advertisement budgets on and how much is wasted on non-viewable ads or non-human clicks. It builds analytics into ads that run on a web site, analyses the behaviour of the visitors, and looks for patterns. It also segments the audience into bots and humans and warns the company about fraud before it pays out fees.

“I’m glad that SpeedInvest, Enbritely Holding, and Evli Bank have all found the potential in the services we provide. I believe that the fight against online hidden fraud activities, apart from its financial benefits, is a pursuit to which anyone would be proud to belong, Oszkár Rimóczi, the co-founder of the company, said to hvg.hu.

Earlier, at the 2014 Slush finals in Helsinki, Gergõ Varga, the other co-founder of the company, said that “we believe in transparency” and that “enbrite.ly can help restore your trust in online advertising.”

based on the article hvg.hu
translated by Gábor Hajnal

Photo: pixabay

Source: hvg.hu

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