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A Hungarian couple from Vecés was accused of forgery. They were using fake foreign driving licenses to be exchanged for legitimate Hungarian ones for their international clientele. They made over 8,000 Euros.

They were operating their side business from January 2017 until August 2017, Index reports. Their clientele mostly consisted of Romanian citizens who wanted to get Hungarian driving licenses. The couple managed to get Hungarian driving licenses to a surprisingly high number of clients, and the wife even got herself a driving license using their signature method.

The couple supplied their clients with fake medical certificates and fake driving licenses issued by foreign countries. Their clients could use these fake documents to request official Hungarian driving licenses in exchange at the Office of Government Issued Documents.

The fake documents were usually handed to the clients at the Office of Government Issued Documents in Kecskemét. Sometimes the couple aided their clients with the documents, at other times they served as translators during the process, and there were times when they personally handled the whole process on behalf of their clients.

In Hungary, you are eligible to exchange your driving license issued by a foreign authority to a Hungarian one if you declares that on the issue date of the foreign driving license you had a normal residence or address of domicile in the territory of the issuing country, and if you meet the Hungarian age requirements at the time of the procedure. The driving license shall be issued to foreign citizens who have stayed six months in Hungary before the issuance of the driving license.

The couple got Hungarian driving licenses to 45 clients and made a total profit of over 8,000 Euros.

The couple together with all of their clients are accused of forgery of official documents. A suspended prison sentence was proposed for the couple, and confiscation order was made against the husband.

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Source: www.index.hu

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