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Hungarian artists are helping people living with autism in a special way. They created unique jewellery, clothing, accessories and other designer items inspired by the drawings of young autists. These creations were auctioned off on 18 October, on the occasions of Autistic Art’s charity event.

This year, the annual auction for charity took place on 18 October in Budapest. The artists used the drawings of autists to create something special for the charity event.

Autistic Art has been bringing autism and crafts together for 10 years now.

Autistic Art Bihari László

This year, the scope of the creations was wide. There were jewellery, clothing, bedclothes, ceramics, accessories and other designer items. All this with the contribution of famous designers, artists and jewellers such as Klára Abaffy, Noémi Gera, Ildikó Kele and Anh Tuan. This year, 15 artists participated in the initiative, each one choosing a drawing by which they were inspired, to create something unique for charitable purposes.

The artists created items where, on top of their own style, the chosen work’s motifs and characteristics were also present. Therefore, Dávid Abuczki’s drawing became a bowl by the hands of Brigi Konda ceramicist, Renáta Lakatos’s graphic became a necklace with the contribution of jeweller Noémi Gera, and from the work of László Bihari, Kamchatka Design made a silk kimono.

From the earnings, Autistic Art supports 10 Hungarian civilian-sustained homes for autists, and they organized an art-therapy program where activities were held for people living with autism. The drawings that the artists were inspired by had also been made during such activities.

Currently, the activities of art therapy are available in 6 of the homes.

Autistic Art Lakatos Renáta

During these activities, young autists can draw freely, and for some of them, who cannot express themselves with words, drawing can help to present their thoughts and to show who they really are. This is because autists do not think in contexts, but rather in a picture-like way. In addition, these young people have exceptional means of visual expression.

The main goal of Autistic Art is to show people that autists can contribute to making quality products with artistic values. This year’s auction ended up with nearly 70.000€ (22 million Ft) – said Viktória Bella, manager of Autistic Art Foundation.

Today, every 68th person is affected by autism,

yet the homes that help the autist youth are constantly in a state of economic demise. Autistic Art helps support such homes. More than 200 young people – who would otherwise be unable to support themselves – are being looked after in these residences. These homes provide them with the ability to live in their own community; they can create and work according to their abilities. For them, these homes provide safety and often a second family.

Autistic Art Gera Noémi

Autistic Art’s mission is to improve the living conditions of adults and young people living with autism. This non-profit organization arranges exhibitions and auctions and sells designer items to raise money for 10 Hungarian homes for autists. In addition, only the Autistic Art art project provides craft activities with a contemporary approach that helps unveil and present the inner world of autists and supports reinforcing their expression of oneself through visual means. Every year, the creations of children who participate in the activities are shown in charity auctions, and the most outstanding works are displayed on the products of Autistic Art’s designer brand. Products range from clothing to jewellery, from notebooks to labels of wine.

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