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Dr István Lázár studied and worked together with a Ghanaian doctor, Alex, in Hungary, and they remained good friends even after the latter returned to Ghana in 2000. Now, a 66-year-old Ghanaian woman can thank her life to their friendship.

A deadly disease

According to Csillagpont Rádió, a radio station in Miskolc, the woman suffered from intradural aneurysm which is very dangerous and requires intervention in two weeks’ time the latest. The disease can remain totally undetected for long years and is an outward bulge, likened to a bubble or balloon, caused by a localised, abnormal, weak spot on a blood vessel wall. Aneurysms are a result of a weakened blood vessel wall and may be a result of a hereditary condition or an acquired disease. This weakened blood vessel can explode because of stress or a sudden physical exertion.

Dr István Lázár, an expert of the problem using a unique surgery method, said that, unfortunately,

20 pc of the patients lose their lives

while the same pc of them have to live with permanent health damages because of intradural aneurysms. The head physician of the Interventional Radiology Department of the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Hospital said that they were classmates with Alex, a radiologist from Ghana who worked in the hospital until 2000. Then, he returned home to Ghana because of personal reasons, but they kept in touch, and when Alex got married in 2003, István was his best man and vice versa, when István married a year later.

The first intradural aneurysm surgery in Ghana

Alex met a 66-year-old aneurysmatic woman in March in Accra, the capital of Ghana, who asked him whether he knew somebody who could help her. In fact, the woman was the sister of a doctor who studied in Bratislava (Slovakia) before. Then he called István, and this is how the Hungarian head physician travelled to the African country to do the required surgery because such interventions have never happened in Ghana before. Therefore, István said that he had to bring many pieces of special equipment with him, and only after some searching could they find an operating room with a more or less suitable software on its computer.

István added that during the intervention,

he wanted to teach a young local colleague of his.

However, it turned out that it would be so difficult that he did not manage to do so in the end. According to him, the patient is already in good condition; she is now at home.

István said that Alex wanted him to go to Ghana and teach his method to local doctors even before; however, they always waited for optimal circumstances. He also said that he sometimes travels to teach in different countries, but doing surgery in Europe or in Asia requires a lot of paperwork. This is much easier in Africa and, moreover, his friend even knows the minister, which also simplifies things.

István Lázár

became very famous

because of the surgery in Ghana. The following day, he could meet the minister for health, the director of the hospital and the rector of the local medical university, too.


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