Another story to prove that everyday heroes and heroines do exist, and they do not wear capes. Katalin Rádi is a Hungarian doctor who has been working in Germany for 5 years. She was on her way to Shanghai from Frankfurt, when she saved another passenger’s life on a Lufthansa flight, reports.

The plane was somewhere above Siberia when the captain called for help on the speaker around 10 pm on 11 November. A man was taken ill, so immediate doctor’s assistance was needed. A Chinese man was unconscious, had no pulse and he did not breath. Katalin Rádi, together with another doctor on the plane, a German surgeon, immediately performed CPR. Several stewardesses and Katalin’s husband, who is a male nurse, also helped stabilizing the man.

“We have been performing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) for a whole minute, and we also had an oxygen tank, the flight was very well-equipped.”

said Rádi.

The language barrier posed difficulties for everyone. Rádi talked in German to a stewardess who told everything to another stewardess in English, who then, translated everything to the ill man’s wife in Chinese.

Luckily, they managed to stabilize the man. Based on the symptoms and his condition, the two doctors concluded that it must have been some kind of neurological problem, most likely a stroke. When someone has a stroke, if the person gets to a hospital within the next 4 hours, it increases the chances of recovery.

Even though the Chinese man’s wife was very much opposed to the idea that the plane would leave her and her husband in Siberia, the captain decided to go for an emergency landing.

After landing, the Chinese man and his wife were safely transported to a hospital in Novosibirsk.

After three hours, the A380 flight continued its route to Shanghai. Katalin Rádi said that Lufthansa promised to send her some kind of reward to thank her for everything she has done. There is no information on the Chinese man’s current condition.

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