According to, members of the Hungarian Africa Society’s (AHU) volunteer medical mission visited a school for orphans. The Hungarian doctors’ fame spread rapidly: more than 150 people were examined in one day.

Members of the 12th Hungarian Africa Society’s Medical Mission heal day and night, almost without stopping. The work of Dr. Edina Palinkas, Dr. Anna Jakkel and AHU coordinator Dorottya Horvath is greatly helped by the colleagues of the Hungarian Commercial and Cultural Center in Blantyre, who, due to their knowledge of the area, can take the doctors to places where they are needed the most. The locals welcome them and they are extremely grateful for the Hungarian help, which they can use for free through the courtesy of AHU. In Malawi, only a few people can go to the doctor regularly and receive healthcare.

The Hungarian doctors first visited a school for orphan children in Blantyre, the most populous city of Malawi. The students also made a presentation for them to express their gratitude to the Hungarian doctors. Upper respiratory infections were the most common among children, but there were also those who suffered from pneumonia, skin problems or even from malaria. Fortunately, the doctors were prepared for all of this and they managed to take care of the children with the appropriate meds at the scene. Otherwise, the circumstances are settled at schools, the teachers are prepared and helpful. The students already receive medical training in addition to the compulsory subjects. There is a permanent nurse at the school who can take care of the children, if they get sick, wrote.

After the children the adults came : they primarily visited the doctors because of musculoskeletal problems. Most of them carry out hard physical work every day, they do not have a car, therefore they have to carry things on their backs – Dr. Edina Palinkas said. Among the adults, there were people with malaria and – unfortunately – with AIDS. In total, however, the Hungarian doctors could help all of them somehow, although there were a couple of extreme cases, they were sent to the hospital.

Members of the mission are going to visit the surrounding settlements where circumstances are not as better as in Blantyre.

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