The Hungarian drones will assist in identifying cocaine plantations and determining their exact location.

The Colombian army would take up the fight against drug barons by applying the Hungarian solution. As describes, the Hungarian team – including IT specialists, engineers and artificial intelligence experts – develops drones that can help in identifying drug plantations and their exact location.

The Hungarian company “OTT-ONE” raised the attention of the Colombian army one year ago. First, they ordered a unique tool developed for special identification what Bálint Májer, Managing Director; and Gábor Kósa, Project Development Manager completed within one month. The Colombian army was impressed by the speed and innovative thinking of the Hungarian team.

As the Hungarian news portal describes, representatives of the Ministry of Defense assigned the team to find an automatic air detection method for the identification of cocaine plantations in the jungle areas which are inaccessible by foot, and more than five times greater than Hungary, surrounded by mountains.

With this purpose end in view, we have been working on the development of a special software- and camera system, by which drones and aircrafts can be equipped; fixed by a unique encryption that – if the plane is shot – its data cannot be falsified or deciphered by unauthorised persons. I have to admit that we spend a huge amount of money for the improvements, but the potential benefit is also expected to be huge – reported to

Drone Colombia drug dealing

The Colombian test period is expected to start in January, but the Hungarian company raised the attention of other countries as well. The system is also suitable for detecting other kinds of plants, such as poppy plantations in Afganistan, serving as the raw material of opium.

The company is already known on the domestic market. Recently, they announced that from autumn, they are planning to sell 3 million shares on the public stock exchange. Later on, they would like to move beyond their current standard category and get into the premium category of Budapest Stock Exchange.

Last year, the company reached its best result – sales revenue increased by HUF 1.7 billion after previous years’ growth, which was HUF 1.15 billion.

Besides the project mentioned previously, the company develops and operates video streaming services with Telenor, the subsidiary company of Sony, Columbia Pictures and TV2. Accordingly, it has accumulated significant knowledge in the field of live video streaming services. Gábor Kósa – the owner of iSRV Plc., and principal holder of  OTT-ONE Plc. – emphasised that companies can get into the international market by cooperation. Currently, their project applications are realised in 7 different countries.


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