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Shopping at IKEA can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you are trying to find that last piece of furniture among the many, long rows. Now, with the help of the drone software of Hungarian startup Aeriu, this problem may soon be solved. The software is supposed to help with taking inventories and thus the whole process of shopping, both online and in stores.

According to Forbes, the software is already in a trial period in the Soroksár store. Using it is planned to make taking inventories faster and more efficient. The company believes that removing forklifts and manual elements from the equation and making the process more automated could serve not only the purpose of sustainability but would be better suited for the growing demands of online shoppers as well.

For this, they need software that complies with IKEA’s needs. This is where the Hungarian startup called Aeriu comes into the picture.

The software they developed, Aeriu Inventory, is optimised for drones and can be used even in big warehouses.

The product is supposed to be faster as well as more precise than the current system involving manual workers. The two companies are planning to collaborate long-term to develop a fully technology-controlled system, for which the testing period has already begun.

The collaboration benefits Aerius as it allows them to test and improve the product in a real environment, while IKEA’s Hungarian branch gets a tailor-made solution for their problem, and members of staff will be able to navigate it, too.

The most popular items bought in IKEA are apparently for the kitchen and the living room.

Last year, about 17 thousand kitchen furniture was sold, and 37 thousand couches found homes. However, the problem is that these pieces of furniture are usually stored on the higher shelves as opposed to the lighter, more easily movable items. With the help of the drones, customers can get ‘real-time’ feedback whether the item is available at the store or not. This will help both online and offline shoppers.

Featured image: facebook.com/aeriu

Source: forbes.hu

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