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Swedish-founded multinational company IKEA announced that this year, they would like to broaden their ‘IKEA Second Chance’ program to Hungary as well. The exact date is not announced yet, only when the program is officially established.

Napi.hu reported that the program would be successful in Hungary just like in the Czech Republic and Slovakia where nearly 4,800 products were resold last year.

The ‘IKEA Second Chance’ program has been established to take back no-longer-used pieces of furniture from individuals and, in return, everyone gets a gift card which can be used in every IKEA store.

IKEA only takes back furniture in good condition to resell it again on a lower price.

IKEA was also asked whether they would open a smaller IKEA store in the city centre of Budapest. This pop-up store would allow customers to examine furniture, meet interior designers and order online.

Prague already has a pop-up IKEA store, but the opening of a small IKEA in Budapest’s centre is still a question.

The Hungarian IKEA Company would like to focus on their three available stores in the country and to improve their online services. Another IKEA store was not mentioned by the company.

Source: napi.hu

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