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Hungarian EMS are second among the world’s bests

Hungarian EMS are second among the world’s bests

According to the reports of, the Hungarian EMS teams snatched two silver medals during last weeks’ international competition for medics in the Czech Republic.

Over twenty countries were represented by thirty teams at the 21st International Professional Exercise and Competition for EMS Teams, which took place between the 24th and 28th of May in Rejviz, Czech Republic. Among these competitors were the Hungarian medics, who placed second in two different categories.

The Budaörs ambulance station’s crew represented the National Ambulance Service, along with the Hungarian air medical services crew; the previous took the second place in the Physician Crew category and latter one also took a second in the Paramedic Crew category.

EMS crews arrived from all over the world, representing the US, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, and Turkey among many others. They had to perform different tasks, all of them life-like simulations, such as saving the life of an unconscious child, treating a heavily burnt patient, responding to mass casualty incidents, all the while using the latest technology available in the field of medicinal care.

The Budaörs crew competed in a brand-new Mercedes ambulance car, which is one of the 193 ambulance vehicles that are about to be put into service in Hungary.


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