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The coronavirus research group of the University of Pécs can find the virus, can analyse its pathogenicity, and they even know its molecular constitution. The university is going to start testing the potential substances this week that are able to cure the coronavirus.

The virologist team led by Ferenc Jakab in the János Széntágothai Research Centre of the University of Pécs developed a routine process to isolate coronavirus in different cells of the human body thanks to samples taken from patients who became infected in the Central European region, Szeretlek Magyarorszag reported. Therefore, the Hungarian researchers have a chance to develop a vaccine able to combat the new-type coronavirus and

will probably be able to find new cures for the patients.

Based on the announcement of the university, this new and promising step in the fight against the virus is the result of a decision enabling the researchers of the university to examine samples from local patients. Thanks to that, from March 16 on, laboratories from many parts of the country can analyse such samples.

The virologist team led by Ferenc Jakab developed a routine process that can be combined with the detailed analysis of the full genetic material of the virus. That can mean a milestone in the work of the coronavirus task force created by the Hungarian PM. The task force’s main aim is to

learn more about the virus and especially about its proliferation and infection mechanism. 

If they can get that information, prevention can be more effective, and a successful treatment or medicine can be developed. 

Ferenc Jakab told the Hungarian News Agency that they already know the molecular structure of the virus, which is also very helpful to the process.

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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  1. The molecular structure data of SARS-Co-V2 (the correct term for the current virus) was released on March 4th by a Chinese researcher Wiang Zhou and made available worldwide. Thus it is not just the University of Pécs that has this data. Credit should be given where it is due.

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