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Gábor Rakonczay is no ordinary man, that is for sure. He likes extreme challenges, and he seems to conquer whatever he tackles. This time, he decided to become the first Hungarian to walk from the shores of Antarctica to the South Pole.

Even though this is not the most extreme South Pole expedition (that is actually walking across the continent of Antarctica which no one has been able to do so far), it is still a huge challenge. Index reports that Rakonczay is about to face a life-threatening adventure:

Rakonczay is planning to walk 980 km, which means a daily 8-12 hours of walking in extreme weather conditions (-20°C to -30°C), not to mention the 3800 m height difference. He is aiming to walk approximately 15-20 km every day while carrying a 65 kg-expedition kit, which will get 1 kg lighter every day.

He also needs to deal with extreme blinding white light, very high UVB radiation and storms. Not to mention the psychological difficulties such as monotony and loneliness. Rakonczay will start his newest expedition to the South Pole on 23 November.

In August, Daily News Hungary reported that Tamás was about to conquer the ice caps of Greenland. He spent 26 days in extreme weather conditions while dragging a 40 kg-sledge behind him. He walked 650 km in 26 days.

Amazing: Hungarian man conquers the ice caps of Greenland

Gábor Rakonczay was also the first person to paddle solo across the Atlantic Ocean in a canoe.

Earlier this year, in March, Daily News Hungary also reported that a Hungarian woman, Veronika Wynne-Hughes, was planning to ski from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole:

Hungarian woman plans to ski from edge of Antarctica to South Pole

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Source: www.index.hu

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