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Chief International Anchor for CNN Christiane Amanpour interviewed Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, aiming to get his response to the international reaction to Hungary’s recent epidemic response law, which enhances government powers to tackle the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Szijjártó started out the CNN interview by saying that many “fake news and lies” are being spread about Hungary regarding the new epidemic response law.

His argument was that it is not entirely true that there is no time limit on said law because the parliament has the right to conclude the state of danger. He also argued that three other EU countries, Poland, Malta, and Croatia all have taken similar measures. Szijjártó apparently has had enough with “the double standards” and only Hungary being singled out when other EU members resort to similar measures.

Szijjártó also said that he “cannot imagine a more democratic solution” than this law.

Amanpour responded by saying that the Hungarian parliament has a two-thirds majority of the ruling FIDESZ party and its allies. She asked Szijjártó whether he thinks it is even possible that the parliament will ever go against Prime Minister Orbán. Szijjártó then argued that the parliament is elected by the people.

The Foreign Minister believes that it is not true that the government has the “unlimited and uncontrolled possibility to make decrees” because they can only do that regarding the coronavirus crisis. He said that international media is “portraying this situation as a threat to democracy”, which he finds unfair.

Amanpour asked the minister what measures the Hungarian government aims to take that they could not have done with the help of their majority in parliament and without the emergency law. Unfortunately, she never got an answer to this question.

Amanpour brought up specific examples of responses to Hungary’s new law, including what the Head of the European Commission said (“I am concerned that certain measures go too far, and I am particularly concerned with the situation in Hungary”) and also what U.S. State Secretary Mike Pompeo said (“There will be bad actors try to use this outbreak of virus for nefarious ends”) regarding this new law.

She wanted to know how Szijjártó responds to these statements. He kept repeating himself, stating that these allegations are not true, and it is “unfair” to say that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s rule by decree is a threat to the country’s democracy.

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  1. CNN – they URGENTLY – need to improve there journalistic coverage and quality in view of the horrendous failings of the American Governments handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic – which will surpass ALL other Nations / Countries by the time this challenge to the world hopefully is controlled.
    The arrogance displayed by Amanpour – her disrespectful / dismissive attitude to our Foreign Minister – Peter Szijjarto – personified this “holier than though” – we are right and you ,the rest of the world , are WRONG position, that it’s systemic, a dominating hold and control on the American thinking process, which – WRONGLY – drowns and dominates the American population, in it’s ability to think laterally or sensible, outside it’s own country’s MESS, and accept it’s continuing self destruction internally that is not in good health.
    Minister – Peter Szijjarto – did us Proud in his representation and the quality of his responses to this interviewer.
    If America, in fact any Country in the World, especially at this point of time – Brussels – EU, muchly included, wish to throw mud at our Democratic Political System, firstly be certain of your FACTS and from situations internally occurring from where you come, and be prepared, that through the – Quality of Leadership of our Prime Minister – Victor Orban and his Government, EXCELLING in this novel coronavirus pandemic – PEOPLE FOCUSED – on US – the people/population of Hungary, that we will not tolerate FALSENESS or Untruths relating to the Governing of our country, and Respond accordingly.
    America – should get there own house in a resemblance of order, before you again, go into un-chartered waters that display your decaying Democratic Political System and your lack of ABILITY to Govern or Control your internal Political Affairs and efficiently run and control your own Country.

  2. CNN has zero credibility. It has the greatest left wing slant of any media and does not adhere to journalism, but opinions. No one can take CNN seriously and it shows in its low viewing numbers.

  3. CNN is the biggest culprit by far when it comes to fake news. When muslim terrorists carried out an attack in London a few years ago CNN reported “live” on a demonstration calling for support for Islam. However, one passer by recorded on his phone the fact that CNN had staged the “demo” for political purposes, even to the extent of printing banners and slogans for the “protestors” to carry! Yet CNN passed this off as “news.”

  4. Not to say that CNN is clean, but also a provider of global news. If you really try to think back about 90 years, you will see a very similar successful ruler, change the entire nation of Germany. You don’t need to give Orban unlimited power to do his job. Keep him in control and the Magyar nation will live on. PEACE !!!

  5. CNN is not like other news organizations that simply report the news. CNN makes its own news by withholding information, by editing and by actual lies.

  6. Wake up, world !


    The best way to deal with this bunch of NEFARIOUS HALF-WITS is to ignore EVERYTHING that this so-called ‘news organisation’ broadcasts.

  7. Aside from CNN’s twisted ‘objectovity’, this particular article above also has a lot to desire, perhaps the author hasn’t seen the interview?
    1. Regarding fake news, Amanpour claimed that the Hungarian parliament wasn’t functioning. Szijjarto explained that it was simply not true as he spoke 5 times that week in the parliament. Amanpour admitted that it was news for her. Somehow the article completely missed this important exchange.
    2. When Amanpour asked why the government can’t just achieve everything with their majority, the article claims Szijjarto never answered. In fact he explained that during a pandemic measures need to be implemented urgently as waiting 2 weeks to pass a law would have dire consequences.
    3. The statement of the Head of the European Council didn’t consist anything specific. So she has unspecified concerns about unspecified aspects of the law? Really?

    My opinion is that the article is trying way too hard to twist the interview showing how Amanpour scolded Szijjarto, however it was just the opposite, she probably had a bad day and felt like a fool for not having any of her facts right.

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