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Goods at the Great Market Hall photo: Daily News Hungary

Resident university students prefer langos among the Hungarian dishes, while students from other countries named goulash as their favorite, as it was found out in Budapest, by Metropolitan University’s (METU) survey, involving 250 people. Let us take a look at the more detailed results listed by

The hospitality of Hungarians is evaluated more favorably by foreigners than Hungarians: the former ones gave it an average score of 3.5 points out of 5, while the latter ones gave 3.3. It is not a motivating result, but this tendency will hopefully improve in time.

The most popular free-time activity among Hungarian students is going to the movies (84 percent), but attending concerts and festivals are also among the widely enjoyed programs. Students from abroad, however, like festivals the most, followed by cinema and concerts. Academic lectures and literary readings are the least popular on both sides.

Among the musical genres, both Hungarian and foreigner students prefer pop and R’n’B the most, which is followed by electronic music. The third place goes to different genres in the two cases: the Hungarian youth likes rap and hip-hop the third best, while the bronze medal goes to jazz and blues among foreigners.

According to the survey, Hungarian students mostly seek entertainment and leisure in pubs, while foreigners prefer clubs. Students from abroad are not so fancy about ruin pubs as their Hungarian counterparts.

Foreign students also told their opinion and experience about Hungary, Budapest and the entire culture. The most frequent positive aspects were the cheap and well-organized public transport, the fascinating beauty of Budapest, the multicultural community, the public security, the large variety of cultural programs and university life. Among the greatest challenges, they mentioned the difficulties of the Hungarian language environment, changing their currencies to forints, and the weather that is mostly unusual compared to their home country.

Photo: Daily News Hungary

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