Unfounded, irresponsible fake news that hotels and restaurants in Hungary have to keep them closed until Pentecost – wrote in the statement of the Government Information Center on Tuesday evening.

As we wrote today (Hungarian restaurants and hotels should not expect to re-open before this May), according to 24.hu, Tamás Flesch, president of MSZÉSZ ( Association of Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants) said, 

“It is hard to imagine that they would be able to re-open before May. Not only in Hungary, in other European countries, as well, as all information on vaccination and the pandemic shows that restrictions will remain in effect for a while.”

He added that everyone involved in this sector needs to be prepared, for which they have sent a letter around to all hotels and restaurants to inform them. The letter said,  

according to the information provided by the government and the Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies , current restrictions will probably remain in effect until Whitsun (23 May this year).

Tuesday evening the Government Information Center denies this long restrictions and false statement, and they critized the EU again:

Vaccines from Brussels sources are not enough to launch a mass vaccination, so the Hungarian government is also negotiating with China and Russia to purchase vaccines in bulk so that the mass vaccination can start in Hungary as soon as possible!

– states in the communication.

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Source: Government Information Center

  1. Very few countries mark Pentecost. Just like Easter, it is a fake, a pagan festival culturally appropriated some 900 years after Christ was born.

  2. If the commentator Anonymous, out of the school of Donald J. Trump it does appear, whereby he responds to articles repetitively in negativity and they are “fake” makes you think the type of world that his head lives in.
    If he thinks Pentecost is a fake pagan driven festivity, would he be of greater personal comfort, if we marketed and applied the date of 23/05/2021 as the Glorious Resurrection of Hungary.
    Anonymous could surprise and agree to this fake and blasphemous new naming of Pentecost.
    Impious individual or is that just a fake of your characteristics – Anonymous ?

  3. RDW – start with Easter. Where do you think the name comes from? Try Eostre, a goddess of Spring. The rest follows. And no, I am not a Trumpanzee, so you got that wrong as well.

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