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“It is hard to imagine that they would be able to re-open before May. Not only in Hungary, in other European countries, as well, as all information on vaccination and the pandemic shows that restrictions will remain in effect for a while.” – said Tamás Flesch, president of MSZÉSZ ( Association of Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants). He added that everyone involved in this sector needs to be prepared, for which they have sent a letter around to inform all hotels and restaurants. acquired the letter that says that

according to the information provided by the government and the Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies, current restrictions will probably remain in effect until Whitsun (23 May this year). goes on saying that as they know, many hotels and restaurant managers were surprised by the news, while Flesch says that he thinks there is absolutely nothing surprising in it.

Csaba Dömötör, Secretary of State, has recently said that according to calculations of the government, if “Hungary only relies on Brussels” when it comes to delivery of vaccines, restrictions can not be lifted before the end of September. However, it is still unknown that in case the Chinese vaccine gets approved by Hungary, how many people will actually want to vaccinate themselves.

The president of MSZÉSZ, in his letter, also includes that they themselves know and decision-makers were also notified that this next period, even with the increase of financial support, will be challenging. Flesch added that even when hotels are closed, they still require financial resources and holding onto professionals comes with costs.

“Financing all this with the lack of several months’ profit is impossible. Even with the help of state support, the goal is to alleviate damages, it does not provide a complete help. We will do everything so that hotels could open as soon as possible, but unfortunately, it directly depends on vaccination and the number of new daily cases.”

In the meantime, they continue negotiating help coming from the state, for which they sent their requests to the general manager of the Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies, Zoltán Guller.

These requests are the following:

  • Increasing the wage subsidy from 50 to 75%
  • Complete abolition of allowances for this period, so net revenue of employees could increase
  • Service charges realised during the past year should be included in wage subsidies
  • Financial assistance to be upheld until re-opening and in the next three months after that
  • Construction tax to be abolished for this year
  • The forgiveness of contribution to the development of tourism to be prolonged until the end of 2021

2021 will undoubtedly be a complicated year with the coronavirus still influencing every single day of our lives, and the future of many working in tourism hangs by a thread. What will happen to tourism in the world, and most precisely in Hungary? Here you can find out a bit more about the current situation. 


Hungarian government denies that hotels and restaurants will have to keep them closed until Pentecost, read more HERE.

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  1. Looks like for a second spring and summer my wife and I have to put our anticipated extended trip to Hungary has to be put on hold … September?

  2. Hungary is nicer in September and October than in the summer months for two reasons: more comfortable weather and fewer tourists. It might be a great time for you to go. So many wonderful things to see in Hungary.

  3. May to numbers be a Bombshell of an announcement, or a prediction, but we must focus on the priority in the challenging time we ALL live at present, and that is Human Life.
    We witness countries that placed Economy functionality First – over Human Life, the cataclysmic mess they are in to-day.
    The main (2) two offenders of this ERROR of priorities – Britain and The United States of America.
    They are Economic and Humanitarian Disasters.
    The human barrier that will impact into the on-going presence of this novel coronavirus, besides ensuring we continue to exercise and practice the mandatory laws in place as a country – is Immunization.
    Immunization – the real tried and tested – approved by World renowned respected institutions of Medical Science – the need of rapid increase acceleration, of citizens being Immunized – is unparalleled in Importance.
    Hungary – must not short change it-self, place itself as a country, the citizens of Hungary, in a position that could self destruct it-self, by using the Chinese produced vaccine.
    Dangerous road to consider venturing down – High Human Risk – when all reports from Global Authorities that do have “skeletonized” scientific medical data out of China, unequivocally report – the success rate of this Chinese vaccine has a 50-50 rate of success.
    The question of side effects from the Chinese vaccine, no comment – as information disclosed to them – has been veiled in secrecy.
    Hungary – must support play along with the procedures of supply adapted by The European Union.
    Hungary – if we chose to go out on a limb or rock the boat – the widespread ramifications in relationship with The European Union – could be Disastrous.
    We must never be seen as beholding to China – NEVER – Never – Never.
    Hungary – must be Patient illuminating dismissing any thoughts of short cutting the procedure of citizen IMMUNIZATION.
    2021 through to spring of 2022 – will be a challenging and complex time in the History of Hungary.
    To give us the best opportunity to eradicate greater on-going pain, that we all know, that has been endured by millions of Hungarians – let us do this IMMUNIZATION process Right – using the Right and Globally accepted by Medical Science – the Vaccine(s) that have meet – ALL- the “checks & balances” and give Human Life – our lives, on-going – every opportunity that we ALL remain part of this World.

  4. In the “gloaming” years of our lives, it is a “bugga” not looking likely that we will not be able to take a planned (2) two week holiday from our house in Budapest, Hungary in May to Germany.
    Immunization of the “real thing” and not the Chinese “Lolly Water” – will be hopefully the big game changer with Tourism movement throughout Europe.
    The melancholy mood that have been in number since February 2020 through the impact of this novel virus that has challenged All, found my-self, through my Love of Hungary, listening to Vivaldi – The Four Seasons.
    It moves me to realize the beauty of Hungary and the seasons that all do have a special and beautiful message.
    Autumn is my favourite season in Hungary that Keats expressed richly when in his works he described Autumn as – “of mists and mellow fruitfulness.”
    Patience and Tolerance – supporting the mandatory systems and procedures in place, acting Responsible, to enable us to live on.
    I believe this is the role we humans must continue to play until such time, the barriers bought on by Mass Immunization – of Humans, are able to outweigh this novel virus.
    DB – we will be here – just hang in there like as ALL and the good times will come again, and as Kaposztafej shared – the wonders of Hungary will be here for you to love treasure and enjoy.

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