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Hungary’s government does not believe in immigration, but rather in supporting Hungarian families raising children, finance ministry state secretary András Tállai said in an interview published in Saturday’s issue of Magyar Idők, on the occasion that the government has expanded its CSOK home purchase subsidy programme.

Even more families will become eligible for a substantial amount of support, Tállai said. The head of the Prime Minister’s Office announced last week that the government had decided to raise the home purchase subsidies available for families raising two children to 10 million forints (EUR 31,000) and the credit limit for families with three children will be raised to 15 million forints.

Tállai said “children are a priority for this government, we want to provide as much help as possible to make life easier for families raising children.”

“Everyone should be aware that it is our shared interest to increase the number of children,” he added. It is important for the whole of Hungarian society to stop the population decline as a broader group of active population is required for the Hungarian economy to continue growing over the coming years and decades and to ensure that the Hungarian society of the future — including pensioners — can enjoy adequate living standards,” Tállai said.

Since the CSOK home subsidy scheme was launched in 2015, applications from almost 90,000 families have been accepted, for a combined 257 billion forints of funding.

Source: MTI

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