Budapest, September 3 (MTI) – The Hungarian government has asked German diplomats to inform migrants at Budapest’s Keleti railway station about Germany’s official position on asylum, government office chief Janos Lazar said.

Speaking at a press conference, Lazar said the chaotic situation at the railway station is a consequence of Germany’s mixed messages and “invitation” of Syrian refugees “to well-laid tables”. He said the German government had made numerous communication errors, which has resulted in migrants “growing more and more impatient and aggressive” since Sunday.

He said it is not enough for the German embassy to publish something on its website. If its diplomats cannot go to the station to inform the migrants then the migrants themselves should go to the embassy and try to apply for a visa.

Lazar said police would make all necessary checks related to the Schengen regulations on trains heading toward Hungary’s western border, adding that police are not tasked to commit violence but to protect the country. The government office chief noted that earlier on Thursday railway company MAV suspended the operation of all international train services from Budapest to western Europe until further notice in order to ensure safety of railway services. Lazar said Europe is experiencing its most severe migration crisis since the wars in Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

The government office chief said Hungary is committed to the stance that Europe cannot give up on protecting its borders. He said that about “five to six countries are shouldering the burden of border protection”. Hungary respects the fact that certain countries wish to take in refugees due to labour shortage or a “demography crisis”, but Hungary has no need for refugees.

Lazar said that if the Hungarian government were to give up on keeping to the Schengen rules, it would automatically “result in Hungary getting out of the Schengen zone”. He noted that Austria conducted checks on its border on Monday and Tuesday, which “is nothing compared to Vienna reinstating Schengen border controls”.

There is a stark difference in the positions of old and new EU members on the migration situation, Lazar said.

He added that leaders of the Visegrad Four countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) will meet for an extraordinary meeting on Friday afternoon in Prague to coordinate their actions.

Lazar said Hungary is subject to “undue, unjust and harmful discrimination”, and rejected western European statements criticising Hungary for its border control measures.

The German embassy told MTI it would not comment on Lazar’s remarks “at this time”. The following message is posted on the German embassy’s website in Hungarian and English: “The Dublin Convention is applicable European legislation. This means that applicants for asylum are required to register themselves in the country through which they entered the EU border. The asylum procedure is principally to be performed in that country”.

Photo: MTI


  1. The migrants have a great proportion of able bodied men. Many of them openly admit that they are avoiding being drafted into the army of their country in the Middle East. It is well known that the Iraqis ran away and gave up their arms to the ISIS and so they gave away their country. Now they would want to be resettled in Europe under disguise as Syrians. It can be further the case that the real Syrians do not want fight in Assad’s army. It is the general opinion that to defeat the ISIS a ground force is needed. Instead of running away and imposing themselves on Europe these young man ought to fight for freedom in their own country. Hungary fought for its freedom, and so did others. If they ran away there would be no Hungary. These young man should be trained, armed and made to go back to fight to liberate their country, The ground force should not be cowering in Europe. Where is the UN. Why can’t they make Assad come to the table to work out some kind of agreement. It cannot be that these factions in the Middle East fight each other, while they inundate their population to burden other Nations.

  2. Take 10% of the 350 000 asylum seekers as men of military age. A 35 000 man army along side the allies with air support could handle ISIS’ 30 000 man army. Shocking to see so many photos of men being let into Europe and western Europe’s misguided decisions to let the asylum seekers stay. France has forgotten about their own large muslim camps with large unemployment and recent terrorist attacks. Absolutely, no thread of common sense at the U.N. or E.U. Send them all to Belgium and Switzerland.

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