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MTI/Mihádák Zoltán

The police caught Dénes R. in June after they found human remains in the garden of the pathologist. He acknowledged that the remains are from dead human bodies, but he denied that he tried to sell them.

According to, the pathologist living in Páty, a small village near Budapest, never wanted to be in the news, he just wanted to survive. The paper found him, but he was so afraid that he did not want to tell anything; instead, he entrusted his attorney to describe his standpoint.

Dr György Magyar said that he accepted the pathologist’s request because the man did not harm anybody. He transported and destroyed human tissues cut for testing. However, it costs a lot to cremate such things, but he did not have enough money. Therefore, he took the tissues home and planned to destroy them

after he collects the required money.

Thus, Dr György Magyar highlighted that nobody should talk about illegal organs trafficking because there were no organs nor limbs, only tissues.

On several forums, my defendant was said to be an organ broker who sliced dead bodies” – he added. However, these were lies appropriate to mislead public opinion in the issue and by doing so, they harmed Mr Dénes R’s personality rights. – György Magyar said. 

Borsonline came aware of how police caught the pathologist. He had to sell his car he used to transport the tissues for only 300 EUR, but he did not have enough money to travel to his old house. Instead, he gave the keys to the purchasers. They went for the car but looked around in the garden and warned the police about what they found there. Magyar said that Dénes R. should not expect a strict penalty. What he did contains elements of fraud because

he did not execute the task for which he took the money in the hospitals.

Dénes R’s daughter, Dóra, said that his father did not commit anything and he did not harm anybody.


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