Gun crime
Gun robbery in Budapest

A man attempted to rob a watch shop with his gun, dressed as a pizza delivery guy, in Budapest on 10th December, last year. The Office of the Prosecutor General accuses him of an attempted multiply qualified robbery.

According to, the robbery looked like a scene of an action movie. The 48-year-old man stopped with his motorbike at the watch shop of Vadász street in the V. district of Budapest. He was dressed as a pizza delivery man wearing a crash helmet on his head, and he was knocking on the door with a box of pizza in his hand. Right after opening the door, the robber pulled out his revolver aiming at the seller.

They all went to the cellar, where they found the two owners of the shop with a customer. The robber told them to put their hands on their napes and stand facing the wall; otherwise, he would shoot everyone. He gave a gym bag to the seller and told to fill it with all the watches of the shop. While doing so, one of the owners faked sickness and started to beg for water. The robber refused it first and reacted violently, but for the second time, he allowed the man to drink some water in the kitchen. The owner made use of the situation and ran up to the shop room on the ground floor. 

The robber ran right after him, leaving the bag full of watches behind.

He tried to shoot him but missed the target, so the owner made it to the street and started to shout for the police. In the meantime, the robber ran to his motorbike, but the owner tried to stop him. He shot at the owner again but missed for the second time – then he escaped from the venue with his motorcycle. 

Inspectors of the Budapest Metropolitan Police managed to identify the man within a month, and a TEK (Counter-Terrorism Centre) commando captured him on their request (as you can see it above). Based on the indictment of the prosecution, the robber can be imprisoned for 5-10 years. He is under arrest at the moment. 

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