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But first, he rolled him into a plastic swimming pool. The killer planned to hide the body in a swamp.

The Prosecutor’s office of Baranya county accuses a man from Pécs of murdering his flatmate and then living together with his dead body in a room for a month. According to the statement of the authority, the victim and the defendant knew each other for a long time, and

they regularly consumed alcohol together.

In fact, the murderer lived in the victim’s flat for free because they were friends – reported.

However, in October 2018, the two men became drunk and started a fight. The defendant hit the victim first and then stabbed him with a knife. When the victim fell on the floor, the defendant lethally stabbed him again in the back.

According to the prosecutor’s office, two days after the murder, he rolled him into an empty plastic swimming pool and lived together with the corpse in the flat. In mid-November, he covered the festering body with a rug and put detergent around it. He planned to

hide it in a swamp behind the flat, 

but acquaintances regularly visited him asking about the whereabouts of the victim. At the end of the month, one of them reported the case to the police, saying that there was a strong and strange odour in the flat. The body was found during the house search.

We reported last month about

two horrific murders.

In Szekszárd, a young man called a 5-year-old girl out of her house with an unknown promise to meet him next to the local stream’s shore. When the little girl arrived, the man hit her head several times with an iron pipe. The police of Tolna county arrested a local man right after they examined the location of the murder. The suspected murderer was the cousin of the young girl, and the two families lived in a house with the same yard in the town.

In Jászárokszállás, a chopped-up body was found in sacks. A 27-year-old Hungarian woman confessed the murder and said that they were in love and shared the same flat in Vienna, but the man terrorised her and therefore, she stabbed him during a fight.


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